Floral Trends for 2016

With every New Year, they come in droves. As a society we’re used to exploring them in online and print articles as it pertains to the fashion, food, and technology. However you’d be surprised that Floral Design has its own set of trend that dance in and out of the wedding, event, and corporate arena every year. In this month’s blog we’re going to delv into what the experts are predicting this year, from what’s up and coming, to trends that appear to be here to stay (until 2017 at least).


It should come as no surprise that speculation around what’s being called “Festival” is on the up and up this year. Inspired by the hot and intense colors of hand crafted designs. Brought in by the influx of “Festival culture” it’s seen to resemble brides who want their free spirited, quirky, personalities to shine through on their special day. Drenching a venue in Orange Gerber Daises, bright Orange Sunflowers, and Red roses is looking to be the trend for wedding floral 2016.


Not to throw too much of a loop, but aside from the Festival group, we’re going to see large outing of the rustic trend that’s been dominating the wedding circuit for the past few years.  As opposed to going for a rustic vintage look for table center pieces 2016 is looking to be dominated by a more Gatsby inspired vibe.  Going the way of Mercury glass vases and mismatched vessels as opposed to the “Mason Jar Chic”. Incorporating these sleek looks into the center pieces of loose flowers will surely begin to bring a sparkle back.


Say goodbye to the days of Cake Ball bouquets! This year we’re ushering in the era wide and loose bridal bouquets! While the bulk of the bouquet is still sought after they’re looking to lighten it up with a wider and softer shape. Opting for a more garden fresh, horizontally stretched, vibe as opposed to the more restricted shape of years past. Showcasing vines and lines that stretch from one or both sides this trend has no doubt arrived in 2016.

Tables on Trend

Kings Tables are back ladies and gentlemen! As you’ve probably guessed from the rest of this article minimalism is on its way out. With it come not only re-configuring the shape and size of the centerpieces but also the spacing and quantity. No longer are we in the days of single center pieces and scant tables! We’ve moved into the days of longer, larger, pieces with lift and an elegance that’s been gone the past few years so usher it in!

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